Thrive Granular Rose Food

Specially developed granular fertiliser for feeding established garden rose bushes. Balanced blend of nitrogen for healthy foliage growth and potassium for quality rose blooms and pest & disease resistance. Also contains trace elements for all round rose health.


  • A fast acting granular rose food.
  • Formulated to boost flowering and large healthy blooms.


Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium & trace elements

(NPK analysis: 5 : 5 : 10 +TE).

Directions for use

One adult handful holds approximately 70 grams.

Apply Granular Rose Food in early spring after new growth has started and again in mid summer to promote autumn blooms.

Apply at the rate of 100 grams per square metre for young to medium bushes and up to 200 grams for older, larger established bushes.

Avoid applying closer than 30cm from the trunk and water in well after application.


Avoid applying to potted rose bushes. We recommend the use of Yates Thrive Soluble Fertiliser.

Material Safety Data Sheet

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