Yates Bravo Fungicide

A highly effective protectant fungicide. It controls a wide range of fungal diseases on fruit, vegetables and ornamentals. Bravo is stable in sunlight and its spray deposits are redistributed during rain, giving effective control over a long period of time.


  • Broad spectrum fungicide.
  • Excellent wet weather protection.
  • Contains wetting agent.


500g/litre chlorothalonil in the form of a suspension concentrate.

Directions for use

Mix 3ml Bravo in 1 litre of water (15ml per 5 litres). Spray plants thoroughly. Good coverage is essential. Apply at 10-14 day intervals in wet, humid weather when disease is prevalent. For botrytic (grey mould) control, apply at 7-10 day intervals. spray at the first sign of disease to prevent its spread.


Wihtholding periods: Strawberries, stonefruit, cucurbits: 1 day. Grapes: 28 days. All other crops: 7 days.

Rating: 5.0

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