Yates Bacseal Super Pruning Paint

An effective, long lasting wound dressing for fruit trees and ornamentals, including roses. Suitable for use on pip and stone fruit trees and ornamentals (including roses).


  • Disease Control – contains a fungicide which controls European canker and silver leaf.
  • Easy to use with its plastic bristle brush which enables clean, one-step application.
  • Formulation is the right thickness to evenly cover wounds with a watertight seal, preventing desiccation and entry of disease.
  • After application it forms an elastic seal which will not crack or peel until the wound is fully healed.


10g/litre tebuconazole in the form of a suspension.

Directions for use

Shake well before use. Apply evenly over clean, dry surfaces under good drying conditions. Apply directly after the cut has been made. For infected wounds, cut out damaged wood before applying.

Material Safety Data Sheet

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