Yates Roses Book

Yates Roses is the ultimate guide to the world’s favourite flower. Written by the noted plantsman and rose enthusiast, Roger Mann, Yates Roses begins with the history and romance of the rose, and then takes readers on a tour that pays homage to individual roses. Eventually the book’s journey travels through the practical guidelines that will help gardeners to achieve success in the rose garden.


  • The Rose Gallery in Yates Roses displays and describes more than 300 colour-grouped roses. Alternative varieties with similar characteristics are suggested, and the pluses and minuses of the featured roses are honestly debated.
  • The photographs are superb: not only do they aid identification but they also show roses at their best in a variety of landscapes.
  • Handy diagrams give practical help with planting and pruning, and there are “Top Five” lists of roses for a range of situations.
  • Roger tells a wonderful story and, as you read, it’s almost as if you can smell each rose and clearly see its colours. And, if there’s a fascinating tale or some scandal in a rose’s past, Roger seems to have unearthed it and included it for our entertainment. This could almost be described as ‘rose gossip’, and it makes the book a joy to read.

Yates Roses is the essential rose book for every Australian and New Zealand gardener and is a fitting partner for the invaluable and indispensable Yates Garden Guide.

Rating: 5.0

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