Yates Garden Problem Solver

A Visual Guide to Easy Diagnosis and Practical Remedies

This bestselling book has been fully updated to include the latest available practical remedies and solutions for your garden.

Covering a wide variety of common disorders affecting flowers, fruit, vegetables, shrubs and trees, Yates Garden Problem Solver provides clear colour illustrations of weeds, pests and diseases, allowing you to spot at a glance the problem affecting your plants.

The easy-to-follow text provides simple steps which will ensure that gardeners are able to rid themselves of any nasty pests or problems that may be lurking in their garden.

Problem Solver also contains a fantastic introduction that helps you to eliminate and prevent many basic garden problems before you even begin planting.

Yates is the No.1 bestselling gardening brand in New Zealand. Yates has established itself as an integral part of New Zealand gardening history, but much of the company’s success rests on its ability to adapt to changes in lifestyle and to continue meeting the needs of gardeners in each new generation.

The company was founded by Arthur Yates in 1883. Arthur saw the need for a publication that answered gardeners’ questions so he wrote the first Yates Garden Guide, a comprehensive gardening book that is still published more than a century later.

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