Yates Garden Fresh Cookbook

Yates Garden Fresh Cookbook is the result of a collaboration between Yates, Australasia’s best-known garden company, and Kate Fraser, a brilliant and inspirational New Zealand food writer.

Yates, with this book, continues its long-established tradition of supplying good gardening information. Yates Garden Guide, first published in 1895, is still the best-selling gardening book in New Zealand. But there’s no point in growing a flourishing edible garden without making full use of all that fresh produce and this new book, with its combination of gardening knowledge and kitchen skills, guides gardeners all the way from plot to plate.

Co-author Kate Fraser, who’s responsible for the delectable food ideas in the book, has long appreciated the joys of being able to grow and harvest her own produce. “We always have something to pick or pluck”, she says with satisfaction about her own garden.

Kate not only supplies her own recipes and tips for making the most of homegrown fruit, vegetables and herbs, she’s been delighted to include many of the heritage recipes that have been generously shared by members of Yates on-line garden club. Look out for examples such as Ma’s Tamarillo Chutney, Lemon Marrow Curd (helps you use up those overgrown zucchinis that threaten to take over the garden in late summer) and other ried-and true kitchen gems that have been handed down through generations.

While we’re talking heritage, a brief chapter at the beginning of the book charts Yates history and is charmingly illustrated with photographs from the company’s archives.


  • Full of recipes using home grown ingredients.
  • Information on how to grow and care for your home garden.
Rating: 5.0

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