The Problem

Flat Broad Leaf Weeds

Marshmallow, dandelion, cat’s ear, lamb’s tongue, chickweed, plantain, fleabane and dock are some of the common broadleaf weeds found in lawns and home gardens. Broadleaf weeds usually have wide leaves that often hug the ground. Active growth varies between summer and winter weeds, and weeds which are perennials (weeds that don’t die after one growing season) and become dormant at certain times of the year. Examples of winter perennials are white clover and dandelion and examples of summer perennials are curly dock and plantain. The best time to control winter broadleaf weeds is in autumn and for summer broadleaf weeds is in spring. It is important to note that it is easier to control small, actively growing weeds than mature weeds that are starting to produce seed.

Hints: Mowing over these weeds stimulates their growth as it’s very similar to pruning your wanted plants. The use of sulphate of ammonia, or lawn foods which contain it, will discourage weeds, especially broadleaf weeds and clovers. Broad leaf weeds in lawns can be carefully spot sprayed with Zero Weedkiller.

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