Tips On Choosing Insecticides

With so many different brand names on the market it is easy to get hopelessly confused when buying insecticides. However, they fall basically into three main categories:

  1. Those that control chewing insects (like Yates Success).
  2. Those which will control both chewing and sap-sucking insects. Mavrik is a good example.

Insecticides also vary in their toxicity both to insects and people and in their withholding period, that is, the time from spraying to harvest and eating. So if you want to pick and eat grub-free cabbages, you can spray with Success but you’ll need to wait three days before picking your cabbages. Pyrethrum sprays are derived from a daisy flower and are very low toxic but unfortunately are ineffective against some of the worst vegetable and fruit pests – red spider mites and scale insects. Success is a naturally-derived, low toxic insecticide that is a very effective control for leaf-eating caterpillars (the ones that are members of the moth and butterfly family). Yates Nature’s Way Insect Spray controls mites and insect pests and has no withholding period, even when applied to vegetables. Conqueror Oil works well to control scale pests on a range of plants (including fruit trees). It works by smothering the insect.