Gardening into the future

With the New Year upon us (isn’t it amazing to think that we’ve left the ‘noughties’ behind), it’s interesting to speculate about where gardening is going. What are the factors that currently influence our gardens?

Future gardening

Gardening in the future could take some exciting new directions. In 1900 only 14% of humanity lived in cities. Now the United Nations predicts that soon more than half of all humans will be living in cities.

This increasing urbanisation means smaller sections, more courtyards and patio gardens or homes with no garden at all.

Vertical gardens and roof gardens (pictured) are providing some innovative solutions to the problem of gardening in smaller spaces. Advances in waterproofing and lightweight construction technology are making these possible.

Of course, as always, the future of gardening lies with our children and Yates is doing its best to grow the gardeners of the future. For a number of years Yates has supported the Cool Kids Grow program in New Zealand schools. Visit for more information about this wonderful program.


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