Safety in the Garden

The classic simple accident in the garden is to tread on the upturned tines of a rake so that the handle clouts you on the head. Don’t leave garden tools, hoses, watering cans or other solid objects lying about for people to trip over. Make sure steps and paths are solid and stable with a non-skid surface.

When using a ladder make sure the ladder’s feet will not move before you start climbing – flat pieces of non-slip wood under the feet will usually do the trick. Sharp tools, such as rakes, forks, hoes, spades, secateurs and shears, should be stored so that children cannot reach them and so that they do not fall over or off shelves and injure people. Any cuts received from garden tools should always be washed in very hot water or a disinfectant solution. Be careful when using a rotary mower. Before mowing remove any stones or pebbles from the lawn as these may be caught in the blades and injure you or someone else. Wear solid boots or gumboots, and always push the mower forward and don’t pull it backwards.

Lastly, store garden chemicals and fertilisers out of reach of children and do not store unused ‘made up’ sprays. It is illegal to decant and store poisons into containers which are not specifically designed for this purpose.


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